Abstract Submission

Deadline: June 11, 2023 —— Oral application (Abstract submission is needed)  
If your abstract is not selected for an oral presentation, we will attempt to contact you about the option of presenting a poster.

Deadline 2: June 18, 2023 —— Abstract submission.  
You must have completed online registration and payment, which is due by July 1, 2023. There are no additional fees to submit an abstract. 
All abstracts submitted for presentation must represent scientific research that cannot be perceived as marketing a specific company or product. 
All abstracts submitted are accepted unless they do not meet the minimum submission standards as outlined in the guidelines.



Abstract Guideline

  • All abstracts must be submitted electronically by the appropriate deadlines
  • The abstract must contain: title, names of authors, affiliated institutions, postal code, contact telephone number or e-mail address, the main text of abstract . We accept the abstract of Word document format only.
  • The abstract limited to 2,100 characters, including spaces (~300 words) . Abstract, with title, authors, and affiliations not to exceed one A4 size page.
  • Title should be written in Arial letters, with a font size of 12 pt.
  • The name(s) of the author(s) should be written in Time New Roman, with a font size of 10 pt. Underline the presenting author.
  • Type the name(s) of the institution(s), postal code, contact telephone number, or e-mail address in italic Time New Roman letters with a font size of 10 pt.
  • The body of the text should also be written in Time New Roman with a font size of 12 pt.


  • 摘要需要用英文撰写,须在截止日期前上传;
  • 摘要必须包括:标题、作者姓名、附属机构、邮政编码、联系电话或电子邮件地址、摘要正文。只接受word文档上传
  • 摘要仅限300个英文单词,所有内容不超过一张A4纸大小。
  • 标题为12号Arial,作者姓名为10号Times New Roman,单位、邮编、地址及Email地址为10号斜体Times New Roman,请在提交摘要的作者名下加下划线,正文为12号Times New Roman。

Poster Guideline

  • The Poster must contain: title, names of authors, affiliated institutions, postal code, the object of research, methods, results and conclusion.
  • The poster should be printed or enlarged by laser, and the line diagram and photos should be clear and attractive.
  • For your convenience, you can login and upload the pdf file of your poster. You can pick up your printed poster on site. For this extra service, you need pay ¥200 additionally.


  • 内容包括题目、作者、单位、城市、邮编、研究目的、方法、结果和结论。
  • 墙报需用激光打印或放大,线图和照片需清晰美观。
  • 大会也将提供墙报打印服务,代表可以提前上传自己的墙报,在报道现场领取,每张墙报收取服务费200元。
  • 墙报尺寸:120cm长*90cm宽

Abstract revisions

Abstracts may be changed in the online abstract system only before June 25, 2023. Please take great care to ensure that no mistakes are made in affiliations and that no important co-authors are omitted. After these deadlines, contact jijia@bsc.org.cn to see if we can assist you with minor edits only. Abstracts cannot be revised after June 26, 2023.

Abstract withdraw

You can request abstract withdrawal via email to jijia@bsc.org.cn by July 26, 2023 ,so it does not appear in meeting publications. After this date, any withdrawn abstracts may still appear in the Meeting Program, and abstract book. 

All withdrawal requests must be in writing and must confirm that all authors have been notified and agree with the decision to withdraw.


  • 如果需要对已上传的摘要进行修改,请您在2023年6月25日之前进入系统修改。在截止日期之后,如有改动,请联系jijia@bsc.org.cn,最终修改截止日期为2023年6月26日


  • 2023年6月26日前您可以通过邮件(jijia@bsc.org.cn)提出撤回申请,以确保您的墙报与摘要不会出现在会议刊物和网页上,在此日期之后,任何撤回将无效。所有撤回请求必须以书面形式提出,必须确认已通知所有作者,且其均同意撤回决定。

Ms. Jingping Long (龙静萍) 


Ms. Puguang Li (李普光) 


Ms. Jia Ji (吉佳) 


Ms.Tongyan Yue (岳同岩) 
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