Nov.15-18, 2020  
Guangzhou · China


Nov.15-18, 2020  Guangzhou · China

Plenary Speakers

Anming Meng

Ph.D., Professor, CASM

Tsinghua University, China

Anming Meng Ph.D Professor, Cheung Kong Scholar, Winner of the National Science Foundation for Outstanding Young Scientists of China, Member of CAS

1979-1983, Undergraduate of Southwestern Agricultural University. 
1987-1990, PhD student of University of Nottingham, UK. 
1990-1996, Postdoctoral fellow and associate professor of Beijing Agricultural University. 
1996-1998, Visiting scholar of Medical College of Georgia. 
1998 to now, Professor of Tsinghua University. 

Research Interest

We are particularly interested in the roles of Nodal and FGF signaling pathways in mesoderm induction and dorsovental patterning of vertebrate embryos.Genes mediating Nodal and FGF signals in zebrafish embryos were identified by whole-mount in situ hybridization screening, yeast two hybrid system and microarry assay, and their functions are being studied using various biochemical, genetic and molecular approaches. We are also identifying maternal factors controlling early embryonic development through mutagenesis.

Selected Publications

• Zhao X, Zhao L, Tian T, Zhang Y, Tong J, Zheng X, Meng A. Interruption of cenph causes mitotic failure and embryonic death, and its haploinsufficiency suppresses cancer in zebrafish. J Biol Chem. 2010 Sep 3;285(36):27924-34. Epub 2010 Jun 23. 

• Li X, Jia S, Wang S, Wang Y, Meng A. Mta3-NuRD complex is a master regulator for initiation of primitive hematopoiesis in vertebrate embryos. Blood. 2009 Dec 24;114(27):5464-72. Epub 2009 Oct 28. 

• Zhang Y, Li X, Qi JJ, Wang J, Liu X, Zhang H, Lin SC, Meng AM. 2009. Rock2 controls TGF-beta signaling and inhibits mesoderm induction in zebrafish embryos. Journal of Cell Science, 122:2197-207. 

• Jia SJ, Wu D, Xing CC, Meng AM. 2009. Smad2/3 activities are required for induction and patterning of the neuroectoderm in zebrafish.Developmental Biology, 333:273-284. 

• Zhao L, Zhao XY, Tian T, Lu QL, Skrbo-Larssen N, Wu D, Kuang Z, Zheng XF, Han YC, Yang SY, Zhang CM, Meng AM. 2008. Heart-specific isoform of tropomyosin4 is essential for heartbeat in zebrafish embryos. Cardiovascular Research, 80(2):200-208. 

• Meng FW, Cheng X, Yang LL, Hou N, Yang X, Meng AM. 2008. Accelerated re-epithelialization in Dpr2-deficient mice is associated with enhanced response to TGF-beta ?signaling. Journal of Cell Science, 121(17):2904-2912. 

• Jia SJ, Ren Z, Li X, Zheng Y, Meng AM. 2008. smad2 and smad3 are required for mesendoderm induction by TGF-beta/Nodal signals in zebrafish. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 283(4):2418-2426. 

• Huang HZ, Lu F-I, Jia SJ, Meng S, Cao Y, Wang YQ, Ma WP, Yin K, Wen ZL, Peng JR, Thisse C, Thisse B, Meng AM. 2007. Amotl2 is essential for cell movements in zebrafish embryo and regulates c-Src translocation. Development, 134(5): 979-988. 

• Su Y, Zhang L, Gao X, Meng FW, Wen J, Zhou H, Meng AM, Chen YG. 2007. The evolutionally conserved activity of Dapper2 in antagonizing TGFbeta signaling. The FASEB Journal, 21(3):682-90. 

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• Xiong B, Rui YN, Zhang M, Shi KH, Jia SJ, Tian T, Yin K, Huang HZ, Lin SY, Zhao XG, Chen YH, Chen Y-G, Lin S-C, Meng AM. 2006. Tob1 controls dorsal development of zebrafish embryos by antagonizing maternal beta-Catenin transcriptional activity. Developmental Cell, 11:225-238. 

• Lin X, Duan XY, Liang Y-Y, Su Y, Wrighton KH, Long JY, Hu M, Davis CM, Wang JR, Brunicardi FCB, Shi YG, Chen Y-G, Meng AM, Feng X-H. 2006. PPM1A functions as a Smad phosphatase to terminate TGF-beta signaling. Cell, 125(5):915-928. 

• Zhang L, Zhou H, Su Y, Sun Z, Zhang H, Zhang L, Zhang Y, Ning Y, Chen Y-G, Meng AM. 2004. Zebrafish Dpr2 inhibits mesoderm induction by promoting lysosomal degradation of Nodal receptors. Science, 306(5693):114-117. • Cao Y, Zhao J, Sun ZH, Postlethwait J, Meng AM. 2004. fgf17b, a novel member of Fgf family, helps patterning zebrafish embryos. Developmental Biology, 271(1):130-143. 

• Penberthy WT, Zhao CT, Zhang Y, Jessen JR, Yang Z, Bricaud O, Collazo A, Meng A, Lin S. 2004. Pur alpha and Sp8 as opposing regulators of neural gata2 expression. Developmental Biology, 275(1):225-234. 

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• Long QM, Meng AM, Wang H, Jessen JR, Farrell MJ, Lin S. 1997. GATA-1 expression pattern can be recapitulated in living transgenic zebrafish using GFP reporter gene. Development, 124:4105-4111.


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